viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009

Grendel / Invisible Man - Marillion

(Dereck "Fish" Dick & Marillion)

I. Heorot's plea and Grendel's awakening
Midnight suns bid moors farewell, retreats from charging dusk
Mountain echo, curfews bell, signal ending tasks
They place their faith in oaken doors, cower in candlelight
The panic seeps through bloodstained floors as Grendel stalks the night

Earth rim walker seeks his meals
Prepare the funeral pyres
The shaper's songs no longer heal the fear
Within their eyes, their eyes

Wooden figures, pagan gods, stare blindly cross the sea
Appeal for help from ocean fogs, for savior born of dreams
They know their lives are forfeit now, priestly head they bow in shame
They cannot face the trembling crowd that flinch in Grendel's name

Earth rim walker seeks his meals
Prepare the funeral pyres
The shaper's songs no longer heal the fear
Within their eyes, their eyes

As Grendel leaves his mossy home beneath the stagnant mere
Along the forest path he roams to Hrothgar's hall so clear
He knows that victory is secured, his charm will testify
His claws will drip with mortal blood as moonbeams haunt the sky

Earth rim walker seeks his meals
Prepare the funeral pyres
The shaper's songs no longer heal the fear
Within their eyes, their eyes

II. Grendel's Journey
Silken membranes span his path, fingerprints in dew
Denizens of twilight lands humbly beg him through
Mother nature's bastard child shunned by leaf and stream
An alien in an alien land seeks solace within dreams
The shaper's lies his poisoned tongue malign with mocking harp
Beguiling queen her innocence offends his icy heart

III. Lurker at the Threshold
Hounds freeze in silence bewitched by the reptile spell
Sulphurous essence pervades round the grassy dell
Heorot awaits him like lamb to the butcher's knife
Stellular heavens ignore even children's cries

Screams are his music, lightning his guide
Raping the darkness, death by his side

Chants rise in terror, free round the oaken beams
Flickering firelight portraying the grisly scene
Warriors advance, prepare for the nightmare foe
Futile their sacrifice as even their hearts must know

Heroes delusion, with feet in the grave
Lurker at the threshold, he cares not for the brave, he cares not for the brave

So you thought that your bolts and your locks would keep me out
You should have known better after all this time
You're gonna pay in blood for all your vicious slander

With your ugly pale skins and your putrid blue eyes

Why should I feel pity when you kill your own and feel no shame
God's on my side, sure as hell, I'm gonna take no blame
I'm gonna take no blame, I'm gonna take no blame

So you say you believe in all of Mother Nature's laws
You lust for gold with your sharpened knives
Oh when your hoards are gathered and your enemies left to rot
You pray with your bloodstained hands at the feet of your pagan gods

Then you try to place the killer's blade in my hand
You call for justice and distort the truth
Well I've had enough of all your pretty pretty speeches
Receive your punishment, Expose your throats to my righteous claws
And let the blood flow, and let the blood flow, flow, flow, flow

(Steve Hogarth & Marillion)
The world's gone mad
And I have lost touch
I shouldn't admit it
But I have.
It slipped away while I was distracted
I haven't changed
I swear I haven't changed
How did this happen? I didn't feel myself
My body has gone
But my eyes remain
Hovering. Witnessing.
Cold as a ghost ..watching the streets
Sheltering in doorways of
Venice, Vienna,
Budapest, Krakow, and Amsterdam

I have become the invisible man
The invisible heart beating against you
The invisible pulse silently thumping

I shout my name in the public places
No one seems to notice
No one understands
I stand perfectly still
In the middle of the road
I hold my nerve
I hold my nerve
Hold my nerve
But the cars don't swerve

I will hear your prayers
As you whisper alone
I am the one you felt was close
Close behind you in St. Stephen
You lit a candle
Blessings in the cold night air

I'll feel your breath as you turn to go
I'll watch you leave
From somewhere up high
As you cross the park
In the Autumn light
In the Autumn light
In the Autumn light

If I close my eyes
I can see where you live
Climb the winding stairs
Up to your apartment
The scent of you preparing
His evening meal
I must watch in dread
When he's cruel to you
In horrified silence
As you make love
I cannot lift a hand
Lift a hand to stop him
I don't exist What can I do?
What can I do?

I will scream in your ear
As you're passing by
I will wrap my arms around you
You won't hear, you won't feel me
I will walk stride for stride with you
I will try to help
When you stumble
You will stumble through me.

I have become the invisible man
It's all I am

I have read all your letters
I know what you contain
I have dreamt your dreams
My head..
My head is haunted
I will scream again
"I am perfectly sane"
"I am perfectly sane"
But I am
The invisible man
I am
The invisible man

Talk to me
Acknowledge me
Confide in me
Confess to me ... or
Leave me be
Leave me be.

lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

13th Star sobre Lima

13th Star es el último álbum de Fish en su carrera como solista, carrera ciertamente accidentada debido a cambios de disquera pero al parecer se mantiene brillando como el título de esta última entrega, como de esperar Fish sigue su propia formula que es, al parecer, dirigido a sus fans, y no adquirir nuevos ni recobrar antiguos pero se sigue manteniendo en esencia intimista y el genio en su composición lírica es innegable, quizá “Manchmal” es el tema mas sorpresivo pues roza con un rock mas contemporáneo y posee uno que otro cambio que hacen del tema interesante, con sonidos muy bien mezclados y que a pesar de parecer un poco fuertes a lo que nos tiene acostumbrados Fish, su voz no desentona, luego tenemos el tema “Miles de besos” que con el acento escoses resulta un poco cómico, tal vez el resultado de sensaciones no resulta como debería si tomamos en cuanta la letra que es bastante buena, otro tema a mencionar es “Where in the World” que si bien comienza muy bien creando cierta atmósfera y excelente ritmo que hacen de la voz nasal de Fish algo característico, su final se torna un poco aburrido por ser repetitivo; finalmente tenemos el tema “13th star” que es un tema que encapsula toda la naturaleza del disco, muy evocadora y emocional. Podemos entonces decir que en conjunto es un álbum bastante lineal pues los temas “Circle line”, “Square go”, “Zoe 25”, “Arc of the curve”, “Openwater”, y “Dark star” aunque agradables al oído no nos traen mayor sorpresa ni diferencia con sus álbumes anteriores.

Concluimos hasta este punto que Derek William DICK lo ha hecho muy bien en su carrera como solista, con sus aciertos y algunos bajos


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